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Future Music Forum: Barcelona

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 24-26, 2024.


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Imogen Heap, Creative Passport Workshop

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Imogen Heap: Artist

Music makers, technologists and music industry representatives in Barcelona (and beyond…), unite!

Mycelia is excited to share with you the latest developments of the Creative Passport during one of the Change Maker Forums around the world.

What is a Creative Passport?

The Creative Passport will evolve in the ‘go to’ connective hub for Music makers, artists, songwriters and all music-related services, allowing improved and smarter connections between Music Makers and these services. It’s a point for machine and human to find what they need, when they need it.

Creative Passport aims to be a digital identity standard which holds verified profile information, IDs, acknowledgements, works, business partners and payment mechanisms to help  (openly) link Music Makers to their works’ data for business.

What to expect from a Change Maker Forum?

The Mycelia team will discuss how the Creative Passport could be useful to local music makers and industry representatives, as well as learning more about different music industry practices and issues that music makers are facing in different countries. We will have the first beta version of the Creative Passport app available to download and share with other music makers. The Barcelona’s event is organised in collaboration with Future Music Forum.

We aim to:

– Share the Creative Passport (“CP”) vision;

– Discuss with music makers, technologists and music industry representatives on how the CP can help them;

– Understand the issues local creatives are facing, as well as local programmes available and musicians’ needs. Since we are still under development, we can integrate your suggestions onto the platform;

– Sign up for the beta version of the CP app;

– Create excitement, spread the word about CP and make new connections;

– Make you part of the evolution of music ecosystem

We need your help and your involvement to continue the developments of the app!

We aim to reach over 100k artists by the end of the tour – Do you want to be part of the Mycelia family?

Don’t forget to sign up!


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