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fmf start up competition

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For the 3rd year running the FMF will be hosting its annual Digital Music Start Up Competition.

This year we will be hosting the competition with LyricFind a company with a long running tradition in supporting music & tech start-ups.

We are delighted to welcome as judges & patrons of the event-

[pbr_block_heading title=”Paul Samson” subheading=”CEO: LICKD” heading_style=”v2″][/pbr_block_heading]
[pbr_block_heading title=”Will Mills” subheading=”Chief Revenue Officer – LyricFind” heading_style=”v2″][/pbr_block_heading]
[pbr_block_heading title=”Oisin Lunny” subheading=”Professor of UX Driven Business: Barcelona Technology School” heading_style=”v2″][/pbr_block_heading]

To apply to be considered please send your project dossier to

Good luck!

Niall Doorley
FMF Director

Click here for the Terms & Conditions

All those who participate in FMF Startup co-organized by Seed&Click, the FMF and LyricFind agree to the following participation rules:

  • Must be a registered company
  • Must be a functioning product with users and be able to demonstrate traction & generating revenue
  • Solid team 
  • Team includes a minimum one technical co-founder and one non-tech founder 
  • Revenue generating
  • Looking for funding, seed or above
  • A product that serves the music industry space
  • Why does this company have an unfair advantage? ie do you have a patent or team member that has specific experience
  • Is it a large market?  / What’s the TAM ((total addressable market)? How big do you think it can be? Quantify it?
Join us at the 12th FMF Sept. 26-28, 2023.