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Future Music Forum: Barcelona

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 24-26, 2024.


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future music forum is an annual international music conference based in Barcelona that gathers the leading minds in the world of music to exchange views on how music is being shared in today’s digital age and discuss new developments taking place in music technology.

Our aim to provide a professional yet relaxed platform to explore, engage and discuss these topics with over 300 selected groups of music futurists, label owners, managers, music and mobile technology entrepreneurs and digital music consumption analysts.

Who should attend ? 

Digital Music Entrepreneurs, Music Industry Executives, Investors, Digital Marketers & Advertisers, Social Media Professionals, Business Development Professionals Music Technology Developers and related Professionals.

FMF has grown from a small room of curious participants in 2010 to become one of the more talked about & respected music conferences in Europe today.

[pbr_block_hover title=”Bringing Together” icon_font=”fa fa-headphones” photo=”9191″ style_class=”style-1″ style=”style-1″]The International digital music community. [/pbr_block_hover]

[pbr_block_hover title=”Connecting” icon_font=”fa fa-lightbulb-o ” photo=”9192″ style_class=”style-1″ style=”style-1″]Creating connections & general awesome networking opportunities. [/pbr_block_hover]

[pbr_block_hover title=”Partnerships” icon_font=”fa fa-comment-o” photo=”9194″ style_class=”style-1″ style=”style-1″]Enabling the opportunity for new partnerships. [/pbr_block_hover]

[pbr_block_hover title=”Debate” icon_font=”fa fa-smile-o” photo=”9193″ style_class=”style-1″ style=”style-1″]Opening the debate on some of the most pressing issues facing the industry. [/pbr_block_hover]

Join us at the 12th FMF Sept. 26-28, 2023.