Diederik d’Engelbronner

Diederik d’Engelbronner

Head of Content Operations: FUGA


Diederik is an operations manager with over 7 years of experience in music tech operations. In his current role, as FUGA’s head of content operations, he built and now oversees a team of 20+ content operations managers, whose daily tasks consist of several operational processes and services (i.a. Metadata services, QC, UGC services, Trust & Safety, Video services), mostly involving the music/video products -or releases- we deliver to DSPs.

He specialises in finding the optimal solution for operational problems, but more importantly, he loves leading a team of young, enthusiastic, and intelligent people – it’s what inspires him.
In his free time, he likes rock climbing and being social, but he’s also a fervent music enthusiast and loves to express that passion on dance floors and decks.