Anthony Middleton

Anthony Middleton

Music Producer, Record Label owner , Dj


Anthony is a dj/music producer and burgeoning Multimedia artist,well known in his first artistic incarnation as key member of the duo Audiofly and Flying Circus music events. 

With a base of over 30 years as music producer and Dj , anthony has also balanced this lifestyle with over 25 years of spiritual practice…a delicate balance brought on by a degenerative autoimmune disease which changed his life path and perspective at the early age of 25. 

Although physically crippling, this condition brought about the beginning of a series of transformations as he was introduced to meditation, wellbeing and the concept of Tibetan Bön and dzogchen. 

A creature caught between two worlds, he is constantly exploring the world through two sets of eyes and lifestyles, that of the “DJ and the Practitioner”.

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