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At Music Industry City’s Future Music Forum, we believe in the power of the community as a voice of the industry. Whether you’re a young professional, an artist, or an experienced individual, we feel that you deserve an opportunity for your voice to be heard.

How do we choose speakers?

  • Speakers are chosen based on their vision about the challenges, opportunities, and the future of the music industry.
  • Speakers don’t need to be C-suite executives, they can be anyone within the industry that has something of value to share.
  • Company product pitches and workshops are not considered in this application. If you would like to discuss partnerships opportunities, please view our opportunities and contact us here.

We review applications each month and announce speakers on a rolling basis. Preference is given to early submissions, so submit asap.

How to Apply

  • Please provide as much complete information as possible.
  • Make sure to present your idea in a concise and exiting way. Think about why people would want to hear your talk and what they will take away.

Successful Applicants

  • Every FMF speaker will receive a VIP and Speaker Access Pass which entitles you to special perks and/or events that take place during FMF Week
  • We encourage conversation and engagement leading up to FMF. Therefore, we encourage conversations with other speakers, sharing of fellow speaker announcements across social media.

We have numerous live-streamed talks on a weekly basis leading up to the event and encourage you to drop in. Our speakers are given speaking priority during these talks.

We look forward to reading your application.

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