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Future Music Forum: Barcelona

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 24-26, 2024.


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Hi, and welcome to Music Industry City’s Future Music Forum: Barcelona pre-approved Media Page.

On here we have created overviews and highlight for FMF, Sept 26-28th , including key topics and featured speakers.

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Conference Locations


Holistic Day at the SGAE Offices
Pg. de Colom, 6, 08002 Barcelona

Opening Night Party at Hotel Pulitzer
C/ de Bergara, 8, 08002 Barcelona

Wednesday & Thursday Conference

at Estrella Damm
C/ del Rosselló, 515, 08025 Barcelona

Live Showcase Locations

Monday Warmup: Live music and hanging out

Insular Project
Carrer de la Paloma, 5, 08001 Barcelona/span>

Carrer de la Paloma, 5, 08001 Barcelona,


Opening Night Party at Hotel Pulitzer
C/ de Bergara, 8, 08002 Barcelona

Wednesday FMF Live Showcases

at Placa Reial: 17, 08002 Barcelona
Jamboree: map
Sidecar: map

About Music Industry City / Future Music Forum

Music industry City is a digital platform and community dedicated to connecting and equipping music industry professionals and musicians. We offer exclusive resources, networking events, panels, workshops, and more. Our mission is to provide inspiration, innovation and information about the modern music industry. In 2023, Music Industry City partnered with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment for their 6th annual New York Music Month.

In its 12 year history, Future Music Forum: Barcelona has become Europe’s premier event that connects music industry professionals and musicians from around the world. The annual conference brings together top industry executives, influencers, and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and insights with attendees. The FMF Live Festival showcases breaking international artists. Through these events, we foster collaboration within our community and propel the modern music industry forward.

Conference Overview

Topics will cover disrupting music investment with tokenization, the convergence of music and technology, mental health in the music industry, sync, sustainable music careers and revenue streams, the impact of AI and blockchain on royalties, and the evolving dynamics of live events in the digital age.

  • Disrupting Music Investment: Tokenization of music funds
  • Convergence of Music and Technology: AI, Blockchain, and royalties
  • Mental Health in the Music Industry: Strategies for well-being
  • Sustainable Music Careers: Maximizing revenue streams
  • Evolving Live Events: Blending digital and physical performances
  • Branding and the Creator Economy
  • Sync Strategies: Pricing, collection, and trends

Speaker Highlights

Alex Branson – SVP, Music Services, Beatport
Andrew Batey – Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Beatdapp
Ara Kevonian – CEO,
Ariane Paras – Life & Career Coach, Olympia Coaching
Bay Backner – Founder, MESH
Conor McNicholas – Creative Business Consultant, Conor McNicholas
Daniel O’Connell – Mastering Engineer, O’Connell Mastering
Emilien Moyon – Director Music business, Berklee
Emily White – Founder, Collective Entertainment & #iVoted
Gareth Deakin – Chief Wearer Of Hats / Director, Sonorous Consulting
Irene Bauza – VP of Operations, Unison
Jack Bridges – Electronic Music Lead, SoundCloud
Janishia Jones – Founder and CEO, Fresh N Sassy Productions
Javier Alastuey – Music Partnerships Manager, TikTok
Johann Flandin – Licensing & Partnerships Manager, Sonosuite S.L
Jonas Norberg – Head of AI, Tuned Global
Luis Ruano – VP Rights Admin, BMAT Music Innovators
Maarten van Wijck – Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, SonoSuite
Maarten Walraven – Co-CEO, co-editor,, MUSIC x
Maria Gironas – Founder, Cool Shit, Cool People
Mark Mulligan – Director, MIDiA Research
Marta Antunez – Director, Wayra Barcelona
Max Tiel – Founder, Thunderboom Records
Michel Zgarka – President & CEO, HITLAB
Oleg Stavitsky – CEO, Endel
Paul Craig – Founder / Chair, Nostromo Management / Music Managers Forum
Paulina Márquez García Moreno – Music Supervisor
Phil Bird – Head Of Sales (Rights & Royalties), Vistex
Portia Sabin – President, Music Business Association
Renske van Kollenburg – Music industry coach, Living Your True Story
Ricardo Álvarez – Director, La Cupula Music
Rita Giménez – Technical Secretariat, Barcelona Music Tech Hub
Sergey Golovkov – CEO & Founder, RIPE
Sergi Jorda – Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Shannon Herber – Managing Director, A0K1VERSE / Steve Aoki
Tom Middleton – Sound Designer + Sleep Coach, White Mirror
Vickie Nauman – Founder/CEO, CrossBorderWorks
Virginie Chelles – VP, Head of Marketing and Communications, Tuned Global

Over 100 Speakers will be there. View the full list here.

Live Showcases

Tuesday, Sept 26. Opening Night Party

18:00: Doors
19:00 – 19:45: Dj Genetic
20:00 – 20:30: Marina Tuset + 3 performers
20:45 – 21:15: NYAH
21:30 – 22:00: Cece & the Soul Kitchen

Open to FMF badge holders only!

Pulitzer Hotel
C/ de Bergara, 8, 08002 Barcelona

Live Showcases

Wednesday, Sept 27: FMF Live

21:00 – 21:30: Berta Garrido
21:45 – 22:15: Blkswn
22:30 – 23:00: Sila Lua

Plaça Reial, 7


19:15 – 19:45: Catana
21:15 – 21:45: Eva Santillana
22:00 – 22:30: Lauren Nine
22:45 – 23:15: La Maga
23:30 – 00:00: Yung Smilez

Plaça Reial, 7

View the Full Schedule

Style Guide

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