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Future Music Forum: Barcelona

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 24-26, 2024.


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MusicTech in Catalonia, a Developing Cluster

The FMF Experience

MusicTech in Catalonia, a Developing Cluster

Music and technology have maintained a fruitful, innovative and inseparable relationship for decades. We wanted to bring together the projects, companies and creative initiatives in Catalonia that are working at this crossroads where music meets technology to create, interpret, distribute, play and edit music, giving birth to the barcelona music TECH HUB with the aim of strengthening the sector through this instrument. We will share about the development of this initiative and some of the activities of the hub, such as the MTEA startup acceleration program.


About The Speakers

President, Barcelona Music Tech Hub

Jose Luis Zagazeta is a serial enterpreneur in the spanish music industry. His most recent initiative is the creation of the Barcelona Music Tech Hub (BMTH). The first non-profit group of companies, i...

Technical Secretariat, Barcelona Music Tech Hub

Rita Giménez is a political scientist, specialized in Chinese politics and diplomacy by Fudan University (Shanghai). Shortly after graduating from her Masters' degree, she started her career in the pu...

Director, La Cupula Music

Ricardo Álvarez is currently Director at La Cupula Music, one of the leading independent label and artist services provider in Spain, working with thousands of budding artists all the way to internati...

Join us at the 12th FMF Sept. 26-28, 2023.