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Future Music Forum: Barcelona

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 24-26, 2024.


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Music Streaming Needs a new Future

The FMF Experience

Music Streaming Needs a new Future

The realm of music streaming stands at a crucial juncture, poised for a transformative future. As the demands of listeners diversify and technological advancements surge forward, it is evident that the current music streaming paradigm is due for an overhaul, its time to lean forward, dive in & interact.Our panel will focus on the most pressing issues facing the streaming services today.


About The Speakers

Curator, Sónar

Antònia Folguera curates festivals, podcasts and radio shows covering topics across digital art and culture, technology and music (especially of the electronic kind). She is the curator of Sónar+D, Só...

VP, Head of Marketing and Communications, Tuned Global

With over 10 years of experience in the music tech and streaming industries, Virginie Chelles is VP Head of Marketing and Communications at Tuned Global, the leading provider of B2B music and streamin...

Founder, Round

Aaron Sayer brings nearly a decade of digital marketing experience in the music industry to his role as founder of Round Agency - a global creative digital marketing company that specialises in viral ...

Staff Scientist, Pandora/SiriusXM

Sergio Oramas is a Music Data Scientist, specialized in Recommender Systems, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning with audio and text.

Join us at the 12th FMF Sept. 26-28, 2023.