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Future Music Forum: Barcelona

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 24-26, 2024.


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AI Killed the Radio Star

The FMF Experience

AI Killed the Radio Star

Discover how AI-powered algorithms, personalized playlists, and automated content curation are reshaping the way we listen to music and engage with radio, as we delve into the dynamic intersection of technology and music culture.


About The Speakers

Chief Wearer Of Hats / Director, Sonorous Consulting

Deeply motivated by a twin passion for music and great business ideas, Gareth has been immersed at the intersection of music and emerging technologies for nearly a decade. Having worked with a var...

Rights, Strategy and Relations, Cantine

Lucie has nearly 20 years’ experience in the music business at both independent and major music companies and at digital services. Lucie is a lead negotiator and strategist, specialising in rights bus...

Sound Designer + Sleep Coach, Creative Technologist at White Mirror

Co-founder of White Mirror, a wellness innovation consultancy, Tom is an award-winning expert in music, sound design, sensory innovation and sleep. With a diverse 3 decade background in music and broa...

Founder, Thunderboom Records

Thunderboom Records is a non-profit organisation specialised in responsible AI-driven music tools and virtual artists. It is our goal to make sure that AI...

Join us at the 12th FMF Sept. 26-28, 2023.